How Do I Backup Core and Restore to Supervised?

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Hi all, I managed to score a Home Assistant Blue and received it just this week. I have been running Home Assistant (Unsupervised) on a Synology NAS via Docker which does not have the snapshot functionality.

I would like to migrate my config to the Blue, but when I copied over my config directory only most of my configuration came over (primarily things configured via YAML versus added via the Integrations GUI - for example my Hue config did not come over and renames done via the GUI to ZWave devices, etc.).

Besides the config directory, is there anything else I can bring over to have a smoother transition?

Thanks in advance!

There a several hidden files & folders in the config directory that need to be copied over also. They all start with a dot (i.e. .storage, etc). Basically everything in the config folder needs copied.

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Thanks so much for this, re-flashed the Home Assistant Blue and copied over my config, everything is migrated!