How Do I Backup Core and Restore to Supervised?

Hi all, I managed to score a Home Assistant Blue and received it just this week. I have been running Home Assistant (Unsupervised) on a Synology NAS via Docker which does not have the snapshot functionality.

I would like to migrate my config to the Blue, but when I copied over my config directory only most of my configuration came over (primarily things configured via YAML versus added via the Integrations GUI - for example my Hue config did not come over and renames done via the GUI to ZWave devices, etc.).

Besides the config directory, is there anything else I can bring over to have a smoother transition?

Thanks in advance!

There a several hidden files & folders in the config directory that need to be copied over also. They all start with a dot (i.e. .storage, etc). Basically everything in the config folder needs copied.

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Thanks so much for this, re-flashed the Home Assistant Blue and copied over my config, everything is migrated!

Hoping your still around to help me out with this one…
I’m in similar situation, running HA Core (core-2021.4.1) on my Synology via Docker.

I have full access the Config file, is that all I need to backup?

As finity stated, you need to backup the entire config directory (not just the config file), including hidden files and folders. How you show hidden files/folders depends on your operating system for your PC/Laptop, and a quick google search can help you with that step. Best of luck!

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I’ve done a manual backup of all the files, struggling to install supervised as I’m currently running Home Assistant on Docker on a Synolgoy.