How do I capture the entity called by Assist?

When I say something like “Turn on living room light” can I ‘see’ the entity that assist is performing the service call on? I’d like to be able to grab ‘light.living_room’ and pass it on to my tablet display.

I am working on a ‘replacement’ for my Echo Show device and I’d like to show a card when I ask assist to turn on/off, open/close devices by setting a helper with that device’s entity definition and have the card always display that helper.

Is there some sort of trigger or service data that I can monitor to grab this information? I’d also like to be able to capture the speech-to-text request as well for another card I’m thinking about.

Further, I’ve written a python script that will take a command line argument for a search term, it then searches for that term and responds back with up to two sentences worth of data as a response. How can I tie that in with an assist sentence that does something like:

“Who is Tom Cruise”
passes “Tom Cruise” to my python script from within automation
python script returns that information and Assist responds using that information as the response.

I think I, and others, can do a lot of cool things if the intent information is available.