How do i change NUT IP address?

Stupid question, but how do i change the IP address of my NUT server? I moved my UPS to a different machine, and can’t seem to find out how to change the IP. I can add the new IP address as an additional UPS, but i have a bunch of automations relying on the entity names, so i just really want to change the IP address. I even tried editing the core.config_entries file, but some how it did not take effect.

Pretty sure if you remove old and add as new it will take the same device name and entity names so all automations will continue to work.

Technically when you added as new without removing old i expect you got something like


NEW without removing old

So if you remove old i expect it will not append a 2 and just add it as

NEW if you remove OLD
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thanks, i went that way in the end, had to reenable a bunch of sensors that were disabled when adding the device. i still find it weird that there is no edit option to change the IP address of an already added UPS


Make a request

I’m too late, but the “proper workaround” to this lack of UI configuration ability is to edit the configuration in /config/.storage/core.config_entries, then restart HA.

as i mentioned in my 1st post, i did that, but for some reason it did not get reflected in HA

It sure should have.
Did you restart HA?

sure, of course