How do i change the Specific Weather Location of my Town?

i thought when i click on the map my home town the Weather update would be for my town but its not…

how do i tell Weater app to be like theweathernetwork and when i type in my own town on it it gives me the update… or is there a way to incorporate the weathernetwork in a card
what are some better options you guys use?

as i noticed the thing says its sunny and raining and -9 yet it wasnt raining it cant be sunny at 4am pitch black and temp is -3 out

Which weather integration are you using?

the default one that when you install HA and it pops up right away… i didnt know there was any other kind to be honest… still new at this HA stuff

It is a long time since I installed home assistant. I have no idea which default weather integration is installed nowadays.

Have a look in the menu: configuration / integrations and see if there is a weather integration there.

Otherwise it will be in your configurtion.yaml file.

do you use a better one?
it is the weather.home meteorologisk institutt (
weather.home_hourly meteorologisk institutt (

i tried to find a spot that said enter my town name… like the weather network does… i did try googling and it got me to under the home assistant i think it was… but was trying to get the weathernetwork least it knows my town in there system if its possible…

but is there other ones u can choose from?

You can delete that one in the same place you tried to edit it if it is not good for your location. There are 21 other weather integrations you can choose from:

There are also custom integrations. Where in the world are you located?

There’s a very good custom integration for Australia:

Did you configure your home location in the core settings?

i live in Ontario Canada… ill take a look at those

and when i installed HA it defaulted to America/Toronto which is 2.5 hours west of me… and i noticed i couldzoom out of the map and i could stick a flag on my own town… and i thought that would break it down for my location/weather… like least on weather network if i type say whitby,ontario it would show that town east of toronto and u select for that specific city

Unfortunately, I can’t find an answer to my question in your message.

Of course, you can not only zoom out on the map in Configuration -> General, but also zoom in. And place the needle exactly on your house or flat.

Below that, the correct time zone and, if known, the altitude. This “Home Zone” also provides the coordinates for the weather report - if the provider has information for your area.

Which weather service provider is used is shown in the detailed view of the weather map (after clicking). It used to be Dark Sky, but now - at least for Germany - it’s

I recommend you try this one then:

@m0wlheld i thought i answered your question…? when i first installed HA it asks for your location it said Toronto i zoomed out and zoomed in on my Home town location as thats how i thought i had to do it… but it does not give me the temperature of my small town… population less then 1500
and i looked at the core settings thats the same as when you first install it zoom out
also i didnt find not lattitude either

@tom_l ya i tried that added it… and it adds a town 45 min from me it cant do my small town … i googleged and HA lets you do embed webpage but it wont allowed HTTPS as the the weathernetwork does HTTPS and it has my small town.

how come there is no plug in for the weather network?

and how do you mix units? HA is like others
only metric or imperial but no one does that
no ones Celsius and kilograms you do Celsius and Pounds
in Canada we do Celsius, Pounds, Feet inchs you dont measure anything in yards nore milimeters

how do you change unit system., so it be Feet inchs, Celsius and Pounds…for anything in HA if it requires it not just this weather page…
i notice this for GPS etc… they force you either Metric or Imperial but not a mix because u dont build a house with mm or yards

45 minutes away should have very similar weather?

Did you read this bit about selecting a station near you? Environment Canada - Home Assistant

Because no one has written one. This is open source development. It requires someone with an interest in having this particular integration to write it.

The Weather Network does appear to have an API. So it should be possible.

You can request it here and see if anyone has the time to develop it:

ok ill look that stuff up …and no i never read it i also currently looking at how to link 2 HA together i just finally got a DHT11 temperature sensor to work on the raspberry pi in HA as i plan to have the RPI outside and i not sure if the best is have 2 HA the 2nd one links to the main one… or this MQTT i havent figured out 100% yet to send the Humidity and Temperature outside.

and how to display just the Overview (with the cards) to a cell phone or a computer without having to log in as admin. just show those Overview lace displays

what do i look up google or so
the Overview you can add a new page and create a new card on it so it only has what you want on it

is there a way to say i goto Zone1 or and it goes to that 2nd Overview card page

what do you call that? as id like to add the temperature on a new page and couple other things but not sure whatr you call that if you can?

That documentation says THAT you can specify a station, but doesn’t tell you HOW. I have the station ID and nowhere to put it.
In my case, the closest station is much closer to a great lake and about 200 meters lower in elevation (it’s at the bottom of the escarpment that I live on top of). The next closest station has better weather predictions but I can’t figure out how to change it.