How do I change the update rate / scan internal of the SQL sensor?

I’ve added an SQL query sensor that gives me the size of my database, but it only ever updates when I restart Home Assistant.

Here’s the graph in my history view:

Most of my other sensors update every 30 seconds, and some of them even allow you to adjust the update rate with a ‘scan interval’ setting.

Can I make it so it checks my database size once an hour for example?

You can use the homeassistant.update_entity service for this.
Are you sure the value of the sensor does change often?
The mariadb holds free database space und frees it only from time to time.
Maybe check it with a sql client.

Thanks very much, that does seem to be the case that the DB size rarely changes. I did the same query using phpmyadmin and it gives the same filesize.

I did try the homeassistant.update_entity service call also, and it does get a new value, but if the value is the same it doesn’t record it in the history.