How do I configure MyEnergi integration downloaded using HACS

I would like to integrate my MyEnergi Hub and Eddi into HA. I found there is a third party integration, and followed the instructions to install it via HACS.

I installed HACS successfully, and restarted the server.

I then added the MyEnergi integration, and restarted the server again.

But I can’t for the life of me find out how to configure the integration - there should be a place to put my login or API key in, but I can’t find it.


after you download it via HACS you need to go to the HA integrations page and add it from there.

I think I did that - see screenshot:

What do I click on to add my login/key details?

It’s OK, I figured it out - having added it using HACS, you then have to add it again in Settings/Integrations.