How do I connect Home Assistant to my Sensi Thermostat

I just finished installing my first Home Assistant server (running in a Hyper-V VM) and in the Discovered devices it found my two Sensi thermostats. However trying to configure these seems to require HomeKit. I found and entered what appears to be the correct pairing code printed on a label on my Sensi devices but HA rejects it saying “Incorrect HomeKit code. Please check it and try again.”

AFAIK HomeKit is an Apple specific product. I do not have any Apple stuff in my house (personal preference). So am I out of luck? Do I need to setup something else to get this working? Can it be done without HomeKit?

I must say that it seems funny that HA can detect my Sensi thermostats but won’t actually connect to them.

I’m in the same boat and have the exact same setup. In fact, I could have written your post, right down to HA discovering the Sensis and no Apple stuff. Did you get your Thermostats paired up in HA?