How do I connect two home assistants to each other?

I am interested in using zigbee2mqtt in the same lan on different floors(different raspberry) and managing it via one user interface.

…thank you for your help:)

Just point the zigbee2mqtt to the mqtt broker on the other RPI. That’s it.

One sidenote, why not work with routers and have just one mesh? If you create two zigbee networks they should work on separate channels and it is more likely that you run into problems with interference. I rather have one solid mesh then two with more chance of interference.

Thanks for your help, I am currently using two cc2531stick and it actually works quite well on different floors. I currently have no other hardware at home, can you recommend a zigbeerouter? in the evening I’ll try to use only one mqttBroker. Thank you again :slight_smile:

You could flash one of your cc2531 with the router firmware.

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Like @francisp said. Or an Ikea repeater.

thanks again:)

@francisp thanks for the info, i think from my point of view i need too much hardware just to route.
I better connect the workingzone(basement) with the first floor via lan, my brother lives on the ground floor:)

how do I best configure zigbee2mqtt?
I uninstalled mqtt broker.
should I here in zigbee2mqtt-config … server: ‘mqtt: //core-mosquitto’… just enter the ip of the second rpi? :grimacing: :blush:

edit:…server: ‘mqtt://ip from mqttbroker’ and now all devices are in visible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

thank you for your help :blush:

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