How do i control 3 lights from one lovelace card

hi all,

i’m just starting to use lovelace and trying to understand and organise my UI. I’ve already made a few changes, installed and using HACS set up a few buttons and stuff but i;m stuck on this one. Is it possible to have a light button control 3 lights?

I have a light fitting in the middle of my lounge with 3 ikea bulbs in it, each bulb is connected to HA and I can create a button for each bulb no problem, but I want to minimise the controls, i want to controll all 3 bulbs from one button… ie, on/off and brightness is it possible? and if it is… where do i start in making this happen?

thank you for your help and time


Use a light group

I do the same with IKEA Bulbs and Yeelight.

Example YAML

  - platform: group
    name: 'Living Room Lights'
     - light.rgb1
     - light.rgb2
     - light.rgb3
  - platform: group
    name: Kitchen Lights
      - light.kitchen_1
      - light.kitchen_2
      - light.kitchen_3
      - light.kitchen_4
  - platform: group
    name: 'Landing Lights'
     - light.landing_1
     - light.landing_2
     - light.landing_3
     - light.landing_4
     - light.landing_5


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thank you Skully! you are a legend ! that’s that all sorted :slight_smile: