How do I - Control Sonoff Basic R2 - No RF - with Sonoff wireless Stick-on

I have a Sonoff basic R2 that i use to control a bed side light.
The unit is available in HA and i can control it from HA, Android app or by pressing the button on the Sonoff unit.
I am trying to understand how i can add a Sonoff wireless Stick-on to HA that will only control this unit and not show as a new device.
The Sonoff wireless Stick-on is linked to my Sonoff RFBridge that has ESPurna on it.
I can read the Sonoff wireless Stick-on code in mqtt that is available in HA.

I am not sure how to do this.

With no response from the HA guru’s, i decided to see how i can figure something out.
As i am still “crawling” in HA, i decided to tackle it via Node RED.

Read mqtt “rfin”, Use switch node to decode and route the buttons.
Read the status of the switch with current status and “Invert” the status on every RF Button press.
Set the switch with the new status using call status.

If there is a better way to do this in HA, please show me.