How do I create a button in my overview that can represent the current state

I want to create a button which I can trigger and shows the current state of a flow.
I am using Node Red and I am trying to create a flow that changes a sensor depending on if I am home or not. I would like to have a button in my dashboard showing if I am home or not and that I actually can force a change of state by clicking the button.
I saw some discription on the input bolean. I think I manage to setup a input_boolean.yaml file which looks like this:

name: Lars Home
initial: on
icon: mdi:car

I am missing the link to how I can use this to be shown in the overview and then change the state if I am home or not.
I use Life360 which works fine in my node-red flow.
In my overview I am trying to correct an entity card, but I can see my new created input boolean. Maybe this is not the right way to do this?
Please be a bit detailed as I am totally new to Home Assistant.