How do I create a unique name for scene within a blueprint?

I am creating a blueprint which is going to generate a scene using the lights that the user specifies.

I will then adjust the brightness of the lights, and eventually restore them by activating the temporary scene that I created in the beginning.

I can easily do this with automations, but I’m trying to convert my automation into a blueprint to make it easier to repeat. The challenge is that I need to programmatically generate a unique name for the temporary scene that is created by the blueprint. If I code the name into the blueprint, it will conflict when the user has multiple instances of their blueprint in use.

Is there a simple way to generate a name from within a blueprint? Can I use the automation ID or something else that would be unique to each instance of the blueprint?

Copy-paste this into the Template Editor to see how it works:

{% set x = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' %}
{% set ns = namespace(name='') %}
{% for i in range(15)  %}
  {% set = + x | random %}
{% endfor %}

Thats a perfect solution! here is my code in case anyone else comes looking for a similar solution in the future

  - service: scene.create
      scene_id: >-
        {% set x = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' %} {% set ns =
        namespace(name='blueprint_motion_') %} {% for i in range(15)  %}   {%
        set = + x | random %} {% endfor %} {{}}
          state: 'on'
          brightness: 100
          state: 'on'
          brightness: 100
          state: 'on'
          brightness: 100
          state: 'on'
          brightness: 100
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I don’t understand how to call a scene created this way.

‘scene.{{}}’ does not work.

Any hints



Fabrice, This automation will create a random name each time. So the scene would be ‘scene.asadwwazowehr’ or something.

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The original text that I had here was moved to this Community Post:

Creating Unique Names for scene.create, persistant_notification, or Anything Else.

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