How do I Create an Entity ID that is Blank?

I am trying to create a button in hadashboard that will ‘arm’ or ‘disarm’ my alarm.

I want to have the button change states when clicked.

The problem: I have read countless examples and documentation but can’t figure out how to create a button as there is no existing entity in the configuration.yaml file, as it wouldn’t be linked to anything.

So that means I am unable to create a button in hadashboard, because you need an entity id.


How do you create an entity id in configuration.yaml so I can use it in hadashboard? The entity doesn’t have to be linked to anything. I need something to use as a flag that can link to scripts but I don’t have empty entity id’s that I can use for custom buttons.

something like:

zone: none
name: sirenButton

something like:

widget_type: switch
title: Arm Away {Doors / Windows / Motion}
entity: ?????????
icon_on: mdi-checkbox-multiple-marked
icon_off: mdi-checkbox-multiple-blank-outline

I have read all about conditions and automation but they all require some kind of entity, and I can’t create one to work with as it isn’t going to be linked to any type of device imported through the configuration.yaml file.

Any help would be much appreciated

Just create an input Boolean. It doesn’t have to be tied to anything. It’s just a switch

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That’s what I use and it fires an automation to arm/disarm

Thank you!!

I should have asked this question a week ago, would have saved me a ton of time. I did read about input boolean but for some reason it didn’t sink in as the right option.

Take care.