How do I delete a group created by "helpers"?

I created a group to test it. Now I don’t see a way to delete or disable it. Is there a way?

Just click on the group and delete it

Clicking on the group pops up a dialog. And that dialog does not have a delete option.

… time passes …

hmmm… I got to thinking it might be a browser problem. I was using Edge. No delete option.

Then I opened it up in FireFox. There IS a delete option.

I’ll delete it from FireFox.

Ok, good it was solved. I’m using Chromium and Safari, no problem there.

Are you able to alter what entities are IN the group? Even in FireFox I don’t see a way to change the group.

… time passes …

Never mind. on the Edge difference. Apparently, it just remembered that Related tab had been selected somewhere earlier and started on that tab. Once I selected the right tab, then I could delete.

That was an unexpected behavior, at least for me, that it would default to some previous operation of selecting a tab.

I think I read elsewhere that we can’t edit the items yet.

In the Pop-up click on “GROUP OPTIONS” (the blue text). There you can change the group

Ooh. That wasn’t very obvious. I thought that was just a heading for the items below it.

Thanks. Do you know if that was documented somewhere I missed?

I don’t know if it is documented somewhere. I learned it by pressing everything :rofl:

Ok, thanks.

Why do I not see an icon to specify your answer as the “solution”?

I don’t know :grimacing:

You need to give your topic a category for the solution button to be available.

Ok, I didn’t notice I didn’t select the category. I’ll see if I can change it.

I also noticed that when I open the dialog and select the related tab, then close the dialog and re-open it, the Settings tab is selected, but it is actually showing the related tab. Do you know how to report these type of bugs?

Also, when I made the group, I made it a group of lights, but the STATE of the group apparently can’t be just On and Off (which is what I need).

Thanks tom-I, I think I already created the account, so I’ll log in there and post it (assuming I figure out how :slight_smile: )