How do I delete Home Assistant user?


  1. Create user in Configuration -> Users -> Add user
  2. Remove user in Configuration -> Users -> MyUser -> Delete User

After removing user you can not login in via web interface or API
However the removed user is still active for Supervisor Addons. For example I can log in with MQTT or NodeRed addon, which are using Home Assistant users

I tried restart host, didn’t help
I tried new Home Assistant, didn’t help.
I did Google research, didn’t help. (User is not in auth file)

I am using HassOS 4.15, Home Assistant 0.117.4, stable, rpi 4

How do I completely delete Home Assistant user?
Thank you.


It would be great if someone can provide some feedback here. I am having a similiar concern; would like to start from scratch again so that when I try to access Home Assistant though the URL bar I am prompted to create a new account again.