How do I detect that I've left home - IOS doesn't do it

I’ve been trying to get IOS (and icloud3) to report changes in location (zones). It mostly works, but the one hurdle I can’t seem to get over is that IOS doesn’t report anything when I leave a zone. The zone I care about the most is HOME…because when I leave home, I want to trigger some actions. I am using an ipad and want the ipad to trigger when I leave.

I have not tried the IOS 2.0 beta…I wonder if that works “better”.

(all location options are set ‘ON’, notify and ios components are loaded as are all the zones I’ve defined…and I’ve checked to assure that home lat/lon are correct…and set to 200’ just in case.


The beta tracking does work better. It is being released as an update right now. The update has been submitted to Apple. No idea how long that process takes but it should be soon.