How do I determine the location frequency by looking at the mobile app settings?

Hey Everyone!

I am implementing geofencing with Home Assistant and I am trying to determine the location polling frequency by looking at the mobile app settings, but I am having difficulty finding that value. I have the basics for geofencing set up (a map and circles), but I wanted to be sure any weirdness wasn’t due to the app settings.

Where can I find (and adjust) the location polling frequency in both iOS and Android mobile apps?

Thanks for your help!

There is no adjustment.

In several places, it mentions “the default value” which implies the value can be adjusted. If the docs just said “the value is”, that would imply no adjustment is possible.

Are the docs inaccurate by implying adjustable values?

iOS is going to be different than android here, there does not seem to be a predefined interval based on

for android we explain things in detail here