How do I disable automatic dark mode in the apps?

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It’s extremely unclear how to disable automatic dark mode. I’m not even running 0.114 yet, but the android app is now dark as anything. I liked the white colour scheme, even though I have dark mode on my device for most things.

You can set it to light on your profile

Not if you’re still running .113, at least, all theme widgets are disabled that I can see.

So upgrading solves that @cpw :wink:

I like to wait until you’ve finished the dot releases. Otherwise venv can get a bit borked :frowning:

Interesting, could you elaborate on that? As the venv is the bare bone of the project, which I change a dozen a times a day (for running dev).

I’ve run into trouble doing the upgrade a couple of times in the past. Venv dates from about the 0.40s era. A lot of my house runs on it, so I am just hesistant I guess?

Maybe? In general, a venv could always be rebuild (even when rolling back a version).

I know, but it’s a bunch of time. You don’t ship something else I can use that’s easier to maintain (see “the linux discussion” from a couple of months ago) so I just hesitate and upgrade the venv when I have time to deal with the fallout. BTW: venv is broken with the fancy new icons. Guessing it’s not pulled in by the default venv setup. but that’s a different topic and purely noise.

The android app just had a PR merged that allows the user to select a theme for the app to override the system theme and to play nicer with the lovelace theme detection. Should be out in the next app beta.

Version 2.3.0 is now out and you can change the theme of the app under App Configuration.