How do I disable Master Browser for Samba addon?

For some reason HASSIO decided it should be the Master Browser of my network… even though my Asus router already is:

   ☺☻__MSBROWSE__☻<01>  GROUP       Registered
   ☺☻__MSBROWSE__☻<01>  GROUP       Registered

I need to know to best way to permanently stop the samba service from trying to be the Master Browser on my network. When searching on Google I found a forum post talking about editing /etc/smb.conf. however, I couldn’t find that file under /etc/. Anyway, I’m hoping someone who knows what they’re doing can show me exactly what to do. It would be nice if there’s just a setting I can add to the config for the Samba addon via HA’s GUI.

PS: I’m running HassOS

Did you ever find a solution to this. Just ran into it myself.

There’s currently no way to disable this natively, as it’s not a configurable option.

There is a smb.conf inside the SAMBA container, which you can edit if you know how, but it will get overwritten whenever the add-on updates, or likely even whenever it restarts.

My best suggestion is to raise it as an issue in the repo for it:

I just opened an Issue for this. @GrizzlyAK if you would like to chime feel free to comment there:

Issue # #1716: Samba Share Addon insists on being the Master Browser of my network

I think I got my problem figured out on my network. I have both Win 7 and Win 10 on my network along with my RPi running HA. My Pi was consistently becoming master browser. After the upgrade to 202012, I lost connectivity to HA on the Win7 machine (only) using host names. I could access it via IP, and even using homeassistant.local URL in my browser to attach to the front end. Very weird. This is after 8 months of no issues. So I changed my registry on my Win 7 box to force it to be master browser (since it is always on) and turned off Samba on HA, restarted the Computer Browser service in Windows, and then restarted Samba, and nbtstat shows my Win 7 machine as master browser, and things seem to be back to normal. The Samba logs showed that it was not getting a response, so held and election, and by default became the master browser. I think it was the Win 7 machine not being set up right (and perhaps a change in the recent HA update) that triggered the issue. Seems to be working now.

Although, this reverts back to Samba becoming master browser whenever I reboot the Win 7 machine and HA is running.