How do I display an attribute on a gauge card?

I would like to put my thermostat’s current_temperature on a gauge card. How would I do this?

This doesn’t work as it does in an entities card:

  - type: gauge
    entity: climate.downstairs
    attribute: current_temperature
    min: 70
    max: 80

If you don’t see attribute as an option in the documentation then it is not supported:

The work-around is to create a template sensor from the attribute and use that in the card.

There is very likely a feature request for gauge card attribute support that you could vote for.


Thanks for the tip- template works. (templating and lambda are my weakest areas of Home Assistant, but I’m working on it).

Offhand, are you aware of any cards like gauge that would allow me to display multiple entities?

The horseshoe card perhaps?

That looks like an awesome card, but I can’t get it to work. Which seems to be normal for most HACS installs that I try. I installed the card through HACS and restarted Home Assistant.

In “Add Card” there is no Horseshoe card, and adding it manually, I get:


Any idea what I did wrong?

Don’t put - in front of type when using the UI.

Got it. (YAML-challenged, here). That snippet would have worked in a vertical stack card, but trimming the left two columns worked. Now on to play with the optional parameters…