How do I edit default source list for an receiver?

I’ve successfully connected to my Onkyo TX-NR609, but I can’t get source switching to work. I’m only really interested in two sources that have the default IDs CBL/SAT and BD/DVD. I’ve tried putting just this is my configuration.yaml, as it’s supposed to return a default list of inputs if none are supplied as mappings, but choosing from this list does not switch my inputs:

  - platform: onkyo
    name: Amplifier```

I've also tried mapping bd-dvd and video2 (which I think are alternative names and which do appear in the default list, but this makes no difference).

So here's my question: where do I start looking for the files that I need to modify to update the configuration?

Just do it right there where you’re declaring it

   - platform: onkyo
    host: <ip_addr>
    name: receiver
      video1: 'Roku'
      cd: 'TV'

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear: I know how to do that. It’s the ids that I am mapping the input names to that I want to change:

I need to be able to say:

  cbl-sat: 'cable provider'
  bd-dvd: 'Apple TV'

but this won’t work because the integration doesn’t recognise these labels.

I suppose my question is more to do with where files that allow such integrations are located.

You’d have to add that capability to the component and I assume that would be non-trivial.

Hi I am about to buy a used unit. Not sure about your problem.

Is it possible to change sources with the component?

At least with mine I can define the inputs… The easy way to find out what the input name is, select it on the receiver and then look what the receiver sets as input name. Use that string on the the left side of the value pair.

 - platform: onkyo
   host: <IP here>
   name: Receiver
     dvd: 'XboxOne (top)'
     video6: 'XboxOne (bottom)'
     video3: 'Xbox 360'
     video2: 'Cable'
     video1: 'VCR/DCR'
     video4: 'Aux'
     "internet-radio_iradio_favorite": 'iRadio'
     fm: 'Tuner - FM'
     usb_usb:: 'USB'
     "music-server_p4s_dnla": 'DNLA'

You have 2 Xbox one?

Yes, overkill :blush: Two kids… many games allow only one player per device, so they use both and stream the screen of one of them…

I have the same problem with my Onkyio, the source bd-dvd does not identify.


bd-dvd = bd
strmbox = strm-box

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