How do I enable iOS notifications?

Hi there! I’m a little confused. I recently upgraded from a very old Hassio version (I think 15) and I don’t fully understand how to enable iOS notification.

From the documentation, it says that I need to create an Apple developer’s account? I don’t remember doing something like this with my old Hassio. Is this how it is now to enable notification for iOS devices (just to notify you like… Hey your automation has activated.) Or is there an easier way to do this?

Can anyone guide me through this process?


  • Install homeassistant ios app on your phone.
  • Connect it to your homeassistant instance.
  • Look in services for something like notify.mobile_app_iphone

Create an automation something like

  platform: time
  at: "21:00:00"
  service: notify.mobile_app_WHATEVER
    message: "It's 9pm and your notifications are working!" 

In addition to this I’d suggest familiarising yourself with your surroundings a little better. There is no such thing as “Hassio 15” nor anything similar, and finding documentation on mobile app notifications is not difficult and it definitely doesn’t say anything about an apple developer account.

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Thanks for the guide.

And I know, sorry. I haven’t really touched my home assistant for a very long time until recently. I was talking about this

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I had the version where the old codes stopped working with the new version (especially with the looping). I know I sound stupid I never really paid attention of the version because I never really updated my home assistant after I got everything working years ago.

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