How do I exclude "{Sensor name} Attribute Updated event was fired" in logbook?

I have two Samsung Smartthings Multipurpose Sensors that are clogging up the logbook when they fire events. All it says is “{Sensor name} Attribute Updated event was fired” and no entity is provided or referenced. Below is an example of the Smartthings Dryer Door

I have already excluded all of the related entities in configuration.yaml under logbook exclude and restarted but the messages still appear in logbook.

What is the text that I need to put in the logbook exclude list so that the event firing doesn’t appear?

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I’m wondering the exact same thing. My logbook is completely spammed with messages from ZHA regarding events fired.

i have the same thing in my logs. has anyone solved this yet?

Same problem with Aqara door/window sensor (via ZHA/SkyConnect).

I raised an issue recently - giving it a bit of traction there might help get the developers moving on a solution