How do I expose entities from Alexa in HA?

I have a smart lock that connects to a Tuya hub. The Tuya HA integration does not expose this lock’s features, but the Tuya Alexa skill does, and allows unlocking it through the Alexa app.

Is there a way to see this smart lock as an HA entity through either Alexa or Alexa Media Player integrations (I have both configured and working)? In particular, I want to be able to just unlock it from HA (it auto-locks after 5 seconds, so I don’t need locking). But I don’t think it can be controlled via a voice command, just as a device through the Alexa app, so sending a voice command via the Media Player won’t work.

Settings > Devices & Services > Integrations > Alexa Media Player > Configure


Not all device types are supported though… I don’t remember if locks are or aren’t.

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The documentation for this feature says “This will add devices connected directly to your Echo device. It will NOT add smart devices connected to Alexa via Skills.”. Since the lock is connecting via a Tuya skill, alas, no dice :-\

Digging deeper, I found a feature where I can control the lock via a voice command with a code in it, so I will try going that route and issuing a “voice command” via the Media Player integration.