How do I extend my Zigbee network with IKEA Trådfri repeater and Sonoff ZB Bridge?

I’m new to HA and I’ve been playing around myself for awhile, lurking the forums whenever issues have come up - but now I need your help to understand this very basic configuration problem I’m having. I’ve tried searching but can’t seem to find the exact answer… might be searching the wrong keywords.

I have the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge all connected through the eWeLink App running some motion and temp/hum sensors. All working fine except I can’t seem to get the signal to reach one temp sensor in my garage. So I searched a little and came to the conclusion from various topics than the IKEA Trådfri Repeater would be a good fit and should be working with my Sonoff.

But I just can’t figure out how I “add it” as a repeater? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like how do I configure it to extend my Zigbee signal? I’ve read I somehow need to pair it - but with what and how?

Thanks for all the input you can give me.

You pair the device with your sonoff bridge the same as you would with any other device. No need to configure it in some special way to act as a repeater.

Thanks for the reply @Burningstone. It’s wierd because that’s exactly what I initially tried and thought maybe something was wrong.

I go into the bridge in the eWeLink App. Click Add and at the same time set the repeater in pairing mode (waiting for 3 quick flashes from the light) but nothing pairs. Can I be doing something wrong here?

I’ve also tried restarting the bridge, same result.

Thanks for the help

I don’t know, maybe the Tradfro Repeater is not supported by the Sonoff Bridge?

I found this Advice on Zigbee range extending and thought that somehow verified that the Trådfri extender somehow worked with Sonoff Zigbee but I might have misunderstood.

Does anyone else have experience with Trådfri and Sonoff Zigbee Bridge?

Then I suggest asking someone in this thread directly on how they got it to work.

I’m not sure if you still need help, but I just so happen to have both a ZBBridge and a Tradfri repeater.

You can’t pair an IKEA device with a Sonoff ZBBridge on factory firmware. And you cannot add IKEA devices through the eWeLink app. If you were to flash your bridge with Tasmota, then you could add the repeater through ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT, or Tasmota.

Personally, I don’t recommend flashing Tasmota or going down this rabbit hole. I’ve done it and the Trader repeaters just don’t play well with any zigbee configuration I worked with. They constantly drop packets, go to sleep, stop responding. They’ve been nothing but a pain in my backside. I’ve updated firmware on them, tried different placements, Tradfri repeaters are just junk imho.

If you want a repeater and are going to use the ewelink app, look for a zigbee smart plug that has “e support” or supports eWelink in the product description. Most smart plugs act as decent zigbee repeaters.

If you want these Tradfri repeaters to pair, grab a sim ejector tool and insert it in the small hole next to the USB port. Feel for a button, you might miss. Press the button for 3 seconds and the LED light will lightly dim/pulse when it’s in pairing mode. Then set your hub to pairing mode. (Again, this will not work in the eWelink app.)

Thanks for the reply @wryandginger. As you said I found myself needing to either “flash” or go another route. The Sonoff BASIC ZBR3 (as an example) also works as an extender if I read the threads correctly?

But your suggestion with regular smart plugs is of course way easier. I can’t seem to find any really for us in the EU. Do you have any suggestions on a brand you’ve used successfully?

I’m in the US, so you’ll have to test and try especially if you want to stick to using eWeLink. I think the ZBR3 does repeat and since it’s Sonoff it will definitely work with eWeLink software.

Aliexpress has a bunch that say are eWeLink compatible:

You can also try generic ones on Amazon, LEDVANCE, INNR, and LINKIND might be worth trying too.