How do i fix input_boolean issue created by 104

I upgraded to 104 and deconz connected light switches and input booleans weren’t happy so I reverted to 103.6. Deconz is back working after a couple of kicks.

I still have the input _boolean issues.
I have two of them. They show up in lovelace entity lists as suffixed by _2.
They are not there with their proper names.
If I go Configuration | Entities I can only see the two original entities not the _2 suffixed ones.
Show disabled entities makes no difference.
The most left hand column in the entity list screen (Name) shows them as ‘Unavailable’

Where do I start to clear the mess ?

Thanks in hope !

I don’t understand… input_booleans are only created if you define them in your configuration… can you show some config/lovelace/screenshots?


Thanks for responding. Here you go.

Well how bizzare!
Do you have and input_boolean config in packages anywhere? Is configuration.yaml actually existing in the config folder? Something is very wrong here.

All very simple setup really. Not using packages. configuration.yaml is where its always been - in config folder.
I do use node-red and it also shows the _2 items not the originals.
If I remove the kids input_boolean entry in configuration.yaml then both entities show not available. When I put it back the _2 version returns to being usable - but still invisible to config|entities screen list.
Are there any system files I can examine that might reveal anything useful ?

look in configuration>entities and configuration>devices and delete from there…

Ok, they don’t show in ‘devices’, I deleted them from ‘entities’ and they have vanished from that screen despite the pop-up saying it can’t delete them without me remving the ‘input_boolean’ integration.
I then rebooted and things are back to normal, though they aren’t visible in config>entities, should they be / have been ?
Thanks for your support.

Yeah mine show as entities

I came across another thread where one of the participants said he had experienced the same thing.
He said it was fixed when he performed an update.

Possibly also a restart might fix it…


“have you tried turning it off and on again ?”

Standard help desk mantra, and standard because it works so often.


Arrrgh, all was working albeit with that one puzzle. I did what you suggested - not a restart of HA but a reboot of pi and whoaa, lots of stuff stopped working. Multiple restarts of deconz and HA finally resolved it. deconz was not erroring but no events appearing on the bus.
Scared to do any upgrading, 2020 releases seem very flakey so far.

You have a lot of 3rd party integrations, I run as close to bare metal as possible (not met a problem yet that couldn’t be solved with some planning the week before, consultation with our resident eggheads and a bit of flailing about if there’s an format I can’t get to.
Not had a problem ‘upgrading’ since 0.96
So I don’t think it’s inherently an HA fault but the ‘seams’ between, I know that’s sometimes due to breaking changes (that’s what the release notes are for) but more often it’s due to assumptions made by a 3rd party developer (we all make assumptions, especially when the documentation is all over the place and maybe a bit obscure). But the interactions between all possible addons with all the permutations of user configurable settings just can not be tested by the devs.
The core package (for after all, a Beta release) is pretty rock solid in my opinion.
The duplication of input booleans is a bit weird though, but I’ve only heard 3 reports. So given that, it’s probably interaction with another component. Dunno, let’s see what fixes filter through (addon upgrades). (quite a few of late :roll_eyes:)