How do I fix or remove an incomplete integration installation?

Hi All,

Just joining the HA community. Super excited to get stood up and start automating. Running my server on a Mac. Signed up for my Nabu Casa trial. Everything on track except for SmarThings hub integration to get my z-wave shades connected.

Following the instructions, I came to the point of needing to sign up for Nabu Casa to create the cloudhook. I backed out of the integration install, signed up, and came back. Now when I select the integration, the box that says “Please wait while the integration installs…” appears, then disappears without an opportunity to configure/confirm. There is no box on the integrations page.

Any guidance on what to do next? Is there a failed integration that I can clear out and start over some how?

For reference, I have a decent amount of coding experience (SQL, Perl), but no real software programming experience. I feel fairly confident about automating and scripting, but not something like this.

I posted this on the Reddit sub as well, with no solution so far. Perhaps poorly titled.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Fixed it. After giving up and reinstalling, it happened again, so I dug around and found that a switch was not flipped in the Home Assistant Cloud setting that must have been causing a conflict.

What was the switch that needed flipping?

I’m so sorry, I wish I had mentioned it in my original reply because now I don’t remember. There are no options shown for me now that I have it working, so it may go away once successful.