How do I get IOS 2.0 (beta)?

There seems to be no current way to get the ios beta…the forum to request it was closed in May. I understand Robbie had a death in the family…but is there some way to get 2.0 or do I just have to wait for it to be released.

Open this link on your ios device:

Been there, done that!

I already have testflight on my iphone and only get an option to enter a redeem code. I don’t have one, there appears to be no way to get one, and there is no way that I see to get past that screen that tells me I have no applications to test, enter redeem code. There is nothing about a redeem code in the beta thread.

Do you have a redeem code I can use?

Do it again now that TestFlight is installed. That’s exactly how I did it and there is no other way.

I finally realized that I had to call the beta page using a browser on the device with testflight installed…then I could click on the icon and install.

Did I miss that in the instructions or was everyone else omnipotent:?

Well it is what I said:

I’m trying to install the iOS 2.0 beta app in my wife’s iPad and it says the link is invalid. It has TestFlight installed. Actually it used to have the previous version and I, by mistake, removed it from TestFlight instead of upgrading it. Is the link still working for others? Please advise. Thanks!


where do I report IOS 2.0 beta errors??? The original beta forum seems to be closed.

Over on Discord: