How do I get Node-RED connected devices into HA?

I’ve connected my Hue Hub to Node-RED and although I know I can integrate Hue into HA, how do I/can I pull in Node-RED integrated devices into HA to save me needing to integrate them twice or is that not possible?

BTW, I chose to use a separate Docker for Node-RED so that I could have some independence from HA and not have it installed within the same HA VM I’m using.

You don’t. You have it completely round the wrong way.

As nickrout your approaching it wrong way. (unless you want to maintain all automations in NR and use HA for GUI only)
Anyway you can create HA sensors and switches in NR. then pass data from NR hue integration to those sensors. You need NR custom integration for that (available in hacs)

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As the other poster said, it’s probably best to setup your device in HA. (If you want to control them from Node-Red, do so through HA.)
I don’t really know how Hue Bulbs integrate, but I’d guess they are well supported in HA so no reason not to do that.

To directly answer your question, you could setup Node-Red to “translate” the Hue protocol to MQTT and setup the device in HA as a MQTT light.
I don’t recommend this unless you really have a good reason to do it.

I think Hue has worked forever, at least since I started HA back in 2016.

The “entity” node may do what you are looking for.

It could work yes, but it will probably not be a good solution since you need to add all the attributes “manually”.
Integrating in HA means Node red get everything for free.

It will not be a good long term solution

I am not sure why this thread goes on. @benflux has been given the correct answer. He hasn’t bothered to come back and comment further, someone close the damn thread.

Thanks for your thoughts, will keep devices to HA and Hubitat and rules with NR.