How do I get the tiles displayed?

I have a Falster Gen 3 Smartwatch with wearOS and the HA Companion App running here.
I have successfully established the connection to my Home Assistant installation and also defined 2 x favourites.
These can also be switched as desired.
Up to this point, everything is working perfectly.
I then also selected 2 x entities for the tiles, but I don’t get the tiles displayed.
In the HA blog entry there is a nice screenshot where the 7 x tiles are arranged in a circle on the Smartwatch display
How do I get to this view?
I can’t find anything in the settings.

did you make sure to add the tile by swiping right on the watch face and then adding it?

thank, that was it

change the icon in Home Assistant and it will reflect on the tile, you should be able to customize it

I need some help. I have a tile configured. Now I changed my favorites in the Hass Android app, but they won’t update in the tile. I already removed the tile and added it again. Restarted the watch. Tile still shows my original favorites…

Never mind, I now see, I have to config the tile inside the wearos app, not in the Android app.

yup favorites are only visible in the wear OS app and not the tile