How do I get values from a CSV into a calendar?

I want to drop a value from a CSV into a shared calendar ( or something like that) which I can then attach to other peoples calendars. It’s that days cost of something which is published about 11 am.

I have this much working fine. Create the CSV on another Pi, drop it into the /share folder. Watch that folder and trigger an action when the file changes. The action is going to use the Calendar integration to add the value from the csv to the calendar.

The csv has just one row with two fields, the value I want, and the date. It looks like this


So soon after it is published I just want to add the value to my calendar. I think in the summary, so it would say Today’s rate is 473.56.

The bit I’m stuck with is how do I get the date and value from the CSV to the respective yaml entries. I suspect templates are involved but I’m not good with them yet.

Can anyone help please?

EDIT: Looks like the File platform is what I need to get the data from the csv - it reads only the last record which is fine as there will only be one record. The documentation points to using a value template. I’m not quite sure how I would get this into the calendar data field. So still stuck