How do i hide the overview dashboard from regular users?

I hid the dashboard from myself (administrator) by putting my own as default , as per the description. But a regular user still sees this dashboard?

Or is it a cache thing and do they need to relogin…

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Create a new dashboard, either empty or with no controls that you don’t want regular users to have access to. Set it as the default dashboard.

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Sorry not sure how to interpret this. I have 2 dashboards now, overview and my own custom one. Even though i set the custom one as default the user still see that dashboard.

If i go to the users profile they can even select which one they want to see. So clearly something i have forgotten to do ?

You’re saying i should create a empty one and set that as the default ? Why would setting my custom one as default not work ?


Same issue for me!
If I set a different ‘home’ dashboard to a particular user, he can go in his user profile and set back the overview one. In that way the user can access to all the entities that I’ve set-up and it’s not safe imho.

same issue here… i change default view but when i log out and log in its default again

Same issue here. Any news on this?

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We could definitely use the option to hide overview dashboard from users, but still leave it visible for admin user. I like the fact that it auto updates with eveything HA has, but it’s confusing for some family members.

Can this me configured somehow?

I think the best thing to do is taking control of the Overview dashboard and configuring it how you want it to be for you and your family. And instead if you want a dashboard for you (admin) only that autopopulates make a secondary dashboard. New dashboards autopopulate by default so just keep it as that and enable the admin only option.


I’m new to Hass.

I have a similar situation. I want to give the teenager in the house control access to some things, but not everything (e.g. she can control lights, but not the thermostat). As such, it would be very nice if it were possible control dashboard access on a per user basis (ideally the ability to turn dashboards on and off in the user’s profile, with non-admin users unable to modify their own profile).

Any chance of something like this being available any time soon? If it’s already available, a pointer to an appropriate how-to would be appreciated. this thread comes closest of all my searches to what I need, but even it is unclear if this is possible and even less clear how to go about achieving it.

@owendelong Was looking for the same thing and came across some info. You can add different Views to each dashboard. You can also edit the visibility of each view.

So you can add a view to the default overview dashboard that is only visible to the the limited user. You can also hide each and every other view from that limited user, so even if they edit their settings to go to a different dashboard, it will show nothing.

It’s a bit of a pain, but it works.

Edit: After reading about it a bit more, it seems that just hides the tab, they can still get to the different views via url.

The only alternative I can think of is to make the default dashboard the limited version, and make a second “default” dashboard that is admin only, and make every other dashboard admin only.

This the most annoying thing in Home Assistant. If I could globally set the default dashboard for each user things would be OK, but I have to set the default dashboard on EACH device. I really wish HA would give us the ability to make the Overview dashboard “admin only” then there would be no issues. I don’t understand why this has taken so long.
Having HA add all devices to an Overview dashboard has been useful in my experience I don’t want to lose that ability just to hack my way to security from user to user.
Please HA developers fix this. HA has brought me a lot of fun times and lot of learning, but the frustration with this feature is ruining the fun.


I had this exact same problem. The solution isn’t to use a combination of “views” (create a second dashboard AND a limited view of that dashboard) and KIOSK mode (create a KIOSK configuration for the user).

It’s not perfect… If the user is sufficiently skilled and malicious as to figure out how to URL-hack their own URLs for things you don’t put on their dashboard, they can still get to things, but it will at least keep honest people honest and avoid the “holy shit, what is all this?” reaction from users that really don’t need to see everything on the kitchen sink default dashboard.

There’s also a thread about WTH – RBAC where Role Based Access Controls are being discussed, but they’re not even at the point of being planned by the developers yet, let alone implemented. You might want to add your voice to that thread.

Work around for now, I just copied the YAML code for the view I want to modify visibility. Add a new view, set the visibility to how you want it, add a manual card and paste the YAML.