How do I initiate an addon build, and get build logs, from the command line?

I’m trying to build an addon for the Mycroft voice assistant. Currently I have a Dockerfile known to build on plain Raspbian, and I created build.json/config.json files to convert it into an addon. Both files are valid JSON.

When I click Build from the local addon page, the button greys out for a second then returns. The tutorial explains how to view logs of an actual running addon. How do I view the build logs of one that refuses to install?

Even better, I’d prefer to do the build from the command line, and to view the logs there. I have the SSH addon correctly installed and configured. I’m just not immediately sure how to build my local addon and see why it fails.


Were you ever able to get logs off? I can manually build my addon, but for some reason, can’t install it through the UI.

Sorry it took a while to respond.

I feel like maybe the logging in hassio ha logs from the command line may have started including build logs? I might be wrong.

In any case, full SSH access to the host resolved everything for me. If I can’t get an addon to build, I scp the Dockerfile to root@hassio:/tmp port 22222 and build it manually using the Docker CLI. I’m much more familiar with this tooling so would rather do this than figure out how to get better logging in a third-party CLI.