How do I install Guest Additions on Supervisor

Both host & client are Linux. When supervisor is running I select Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image… and nothing happens. How do I add it? I’m trying to get the Bluetooth drivers to load.

VMWare ? Virtualbox ?

Oh yea, that might help:)


Referencing this Link I mount the additions but don’t find anything in /media.

I very much doubt the additions will install on HAOS.
The installer expects common distros like Debian, Fedora, …

So it is recommended to install Debian 12 and install the supervised-installer to get Bluetooth devices working?

Did you ‘pass-through’ your Bluetooth adapter ? Drivers for Bluetooth are already in HA OS. What devices do you want to access ?

I went with a reinstall but this time the Debian 12 version. No more VM. It’s no longer a problem and appreciate all of the inputs.