How do I install the influxdb integration on Home Assistant Core (core-2022.6.7, venv)


I have several measurements I do from sensors that go straight into influxdb. I’m running HA core-2022.6.7 in a venv and would like to add sensors that get data from influxdb (1.8). I’ve read that there is an integration for influxdb. It can be installed from the add-on store. But as you might know, there is no add-on store on HA-core.

On the other hand, I’ve read issues here from people whose influxdb integration stopped working after upgrading to HA-core-x.y.z.

So I’m a bit puzzled, is it possible on HA core to get sensor data that come from an influxdb (1.x) database? And if so, how do I get that to work?