How do I know what an update brings me?

I know there are enhancements & bug-fixes published, but will the problem that I had be published?

Let me try to explain.
A few months ago I installed 0.102.3 and everything worked, but due to my newbe status I had some error messages and the update sensor said there was an update. So to end my installation I did an update to 0.103.6. There my trouble began. My heos player was nowhere to see and my climate.horstmann.etc… was also gone. Most trouble I solved but the climate trouble stayed. At last I downgraded to 0.102.3 and there was my climate entity again. Heating is crucial in wintertime so I stick to 0.102.3 for the time being. But it itches under my skin and I want to update to the actual stable version. However I can’t have the same trouble again. How will I know if this problem is ever been solved other than relying on the update notes. And will it not have been solved if it is never published in the update notes.

Did you open an issue?

If not, it is unlikely that your problem has been addressed.

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Your problem with the the Horstmann is probably this one.

As mentioned, searching Github issues is a good place to start if you want to see if a problem has already been submitted, or recently fixed.

Thanks for the answers.