How do I make a variable to store an access token in node red?

Good day,

I am trying to make an API call using node red HTTP Request.

All is working well, However the API I am calling has a short-lived access token. I want to make a node red flow that will run every hour and login and just refresh the access token.

I was thinking of just making a simple variable that can be set. But I’m unsure how to do this, and then I don’t know how to access that variable in the HTTP request form.

If you click on the a-z you can probably select message or flow.
So you could save the token in a input text in HA or a flow variable and use it there

OK I think I am following. But How do I then get it?

So I have managed to save the token in the node red context. I made a change node and then put this setting:

But now my issues is that in the HTTP Node, i cannot chose global from the small drop down?

I don’t know.
It’s very hard to help when all we get are tiny images, no debug data, no overall image, no export.
It’s really like walking to the mechanic and asking him what is wrong with the car.