How do I make cards bigger to fit text

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 14.54.16

As you can see, the text doesn’t fit and I want to make the card wider. Can anyone tell me how please?

Take two instead of three :wink:

Set the dashboard to panel view, which will expand it to full screen width. The advantage of this is that it will adjust quite well to different screen sizes (though on a very small screen the text will still be truncated) The disadvantage is that you can only have one card - you will have to build a vertical stack to enclose everything else. For example:

This is a vertical stack card. Top row is a thermostat card. Second row is a horizontal stack of eight button cards - the two on either end are blank to centre the middle four buttons. The third row is a horizontal stack of three custom mini graph cards. You can make the dummy buttons disappear by using a theme with no card borders.

Alternatively, if this is going to be used on phones, you might consider just using icons.

Or… Adjust the text. There are several multi-line text cards in HACS. Haven’t tried them, though

Thank you, I will have to look into panel view. This will be used on mobile devices so I guess I will have to stick with icons for now. How do I remove the name so it shows only the icon?


I’m unable to use the visual editor but adding show_name: false doesn’t work either.

Edit: I tried using the visual editor without the stack-in-card and didnt get the option remove name here too.

Ah. My example was a button card, rather than an entities card

name: [ ] …