How do I migrate from ZHA to Z2M on the same SLZB-06M Gateway?

There are a lot of migration thread that cover migration from ZHA to Z2M using a USB stick. I recently got an ethernet zigbee gateway (SLZB-06M) and decided to try it with native ZHA. Having lived with it for the past few weeks, I’ve grown frustrated with the lack of support for my curtains and want to migrate to Z2M.

Has anyone done this migration? Any pointers?

I’m pretty sure you will have to unpair your devices from ZHA first, then setup Z2M and then re-pair your devices again. I’m not sure there is an easy migration path from the ZHA database to Z2M’s format. At least not one that I’ve seen that actually works.

I think that since all of the devices are paired to the SLZB-06M, I should just be able to delete the zigbee (ZHA) integration from within HA and spin up Z2M? Anyone think of anything that would not allow this to work? Just need to be sure I have autodiscovery for MQTT?

The PAN and ePANs will be different. That will cause the controller to reject the new software controller. Unless you can match the PAN and ePAN from ZHA to Z2M (and I honestly have no idea if that’s even possible), the devices won’t register with the software controller (Z2M).

The only way to migrate from ZHA integration to Zigbee2MQTT today is to re-pair every single device.

You can make that process much easier on yourself though by buying a second Zigbee Coordinator radio adapter (Texas Instruments CC2652P based), flashing that with latest firmware before setup a new Zigbee network on it in Zigbee2MQTT, as then you can migrate one Zigbee device at a time by removing it from the ZHA integration which should automatically factory reset the device and put it into pairing-mode so that you can directly enable joining in Zigbee without having to run around manually resetting all devices.

If you absolutley want to re-use your SLZB-06M as Zigbee Coordinator in Zigbee2MQTT then suggest first migrate ZHA to a other less expensive Zigbee Coordinator to free up the SLZB-06M →

Then you a repurpose your “old” Zigbee Coordinator radio adapter you migrate from as a dedicated stand-alone Zigbee Router device by reconfiguring it as a Zigbee Router or reflashing with Zigbee Router firmware (which will depend on type), then powering it via a USB-changer for permanentpower. Tip is that Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 based USB adapters (like fir example the Sonoff ZBDongle-E) make a slightly better edicated stand-alone Zigbee Router device than a Texas Instruments CC2652P based USB adapter.

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