How do I mix manual automations in yaml files with use of blueprints?

I have created my automations in yaml files, one per room. Then I include them using

automation: !include_dir_merge_list automations/

in my configuration.yaml.
Then I found a blueprint I wanted to use. I imported it and created a automation based on the blueprint. But it did not show up among my automations. However it was added in automations.yaml which I did not include.

I realize I need to include automations.yaml in configuration.yaml but I don’t understand how.
I have been reading but do not realize how I should include both all my yanl-files and automations.yaml.

What am I missing?

Modify your configuration.yaml file like this:

automation: !include automations.yaml
automation manual: !include_dir_merge_list automations/

All automations created via Blueprints or the Automation Editor will be stored in automations.yaml. All other automations you create manually continue to be in the automations sub-directory. The automations in both locations will be visible in Configuration > Automations.


Thanks a lot! It works great now.

How should I have understood the I should add manual to the automation row? Can I read about this somewhere? I admit that I have not read all the documentation but I have read quite a lot of it.

It’s shown as an example in the Splitting up the Configuration section.

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