How do I move from Deconz to ZHA that is currently setup on HASS RPI4 with ConBee II

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I have a RPI4 HASS with a ConBee II that is currently using Deconz. I would like to move to ZHA. How do I do this? Can I just disable the Deconz and install ZHA? Will ZHA pickup all the all ready attached switches and lights (meaning already attached to the ConBee II)? Leaving me to just modify all existing automations that use the Deconz based entities to use the new ZHA entities. Thanks for any help!

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You have to reset and add all devices again.

Actually, someone said that after reconnecting a Zigbee router all devices behind the router became available after some time.

I just had to try this, and had the strangest behavior. I did firmware update in deconz for mye conbee2, and it stopped working. So I figured this was a sign to make the ZHA jump. So I added the ZHA in HA and everything seemed fine. Except it said the device was not connected. So I went to my server room to unplug the usb and of course no light, so I manually had to turn light off and on again on the wallswitch. Much to my surprise the light instantly acted as if it connected to a hub. I unplugged the conbee2 and reconnected it. But in HA it was still listed and not connected, but the light I had manually turned off and on with wall switch was listed in HA. So I did the same thing with all my lights, turn them off/on at wall switch and they instantly reconnect and show up in HA config.

I have to rename them though.

Hi yrune, thanks for sharing your experience!

So let me get this straight… you had DECONZ running in HA with all your lights and switches setup through it (using a CONBEE II). You did a firmware update for the CONBEE II in DECONZ and DECONZ stopped working. Which at that point you installed ZHA and nothing worked, then you unplugged and replugged the CONBEE II. Then after manually switching your lights on and off they started to show up in HA.

If this is correct, did you ever uninstall DECONZ from HA?

My theory on this is that the ZigBee items are bound to the CONBEE II hub, and it doesn’t matter what manages them if they are already bound to the hub. So if I uninstalled DECONZ and Installed ZHA, then all the ZigBee devices should show up, they just will be new entities to HA because they are being managed by a new integration (ZHA instead of DECONZ). Which would require either renaming them or updating any automations that use the old entities.

Do you think this theory is correct, is it matching your experience?

yes, you sum it up pretty much correctly. (Switching lights off then on again at wall switch),

Except, one light was added before I unplugged the conbee2. Because I needed light to find it, so I used wall switch to get light. (IKEA lights turn on by default if you use wall switch). So the unplugging part is not part of “the process”. Just something that I did because ZHA was listing conbee2 as not connected. It still does, but now it as least show some other readings.

I just disabled deconz in HA, uninstalled it after migration was complete.

disclaimer here, this was with IKEA lights only. I have a couple of Aqara sensors but they are so easy to reconnect I didn’t think to unplug battery to see if same thing happens.

I think your theory is correct, but the connected devices needs a “push” of some sort to send in their information so ZHA can add it.