How do I move my HA installation to new Yellow?

I’m currently running HA in a VM but will hopefully be getting a new Yellow in a few weeks. I know HA is pre-installed on the Yellow but haven’t been able to find any info regarding how to migrate my current instance of HA to the new hardware. Can I just download a backup of the VM and restore it on the new hardware? How?

Just backup and restore. You could use this and send a backup to google drive and then simply restore it.

Thanks. Already using G-drive backups. Wasn’t sure if they would be compatible with the new hardware.

So just install the addon and link it to the existing Google drive and run a restore?

Or download one of the backups and restore it during onboarding.

Do the HACS plugins and integrations also get included in the backups? Just want to make sure what I might have to re-install.

Yes that will be included too.

I copied the whole HACs folder from HA supervised to my new docker and HACS still doesn’t show any of the cards/integrations. pls help.

Easier to restore from backup.

Edit: Sorry, no restore in docker but you can unpack the backup to your config folder and restart the docker. Should work.

I had some issues getting my Yellow set up, mostly my own mistakes. Finally got it running last week.

Once I got it set up, into the onboarding process, the process to restore the backup went smoothly, although it did take some time. I had downloaded a backup, would rather have the local copy instead of running through the cloud.

The only issue I had was that it didn’t seem to give any feedback that the restore process was running after I selected the backup. I think it just dropped me into the previous screen, and I wasn’t sure that it was working. I tried once or twice more to select the backup, productive error screens.

It took a while, but it eventually came up. So if it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything, give it some time. I don’t know how much time it took, might have been 20-30 minutes.