How do I remove Smartthings App from H.A.?

Iā€™m using last version of Home assistant OS version core-2021.12.4
I have acces from outside with duckdns using NGINX with no issues
Trying to integrate Smartthings
Searched all over for an answer
Very frustrated.
Posted ā€”>This thread<ā€” but no one has been able to help yet :frowning:
Apparently (picked from Smartthings community) my only possible solution is using This tool to remove completely Smartthings App. But the thing is I can`t seem to figure out how to run it. I tryed using Terminal-SSH but an error shows:

bash: pip: command not found

Using Windows 10
Can someone please show me how to make this tool work?

No one? Really?

Please someone help

:(ā€¦ still no one