How do I report a suggestion to Home Assistant for beta versions?

In the new beta, there is a new feature that shows HACS integrations or other things you’ve installed that need to be updated. There is a bug that shows integrations as needing to be updated, when they don’t really need to be. This is a separate issue. The wording is confusing. The version you have installed is called “Current version” and what HA thinks is the newest version is called “Latest version”. I feel like it would make much more sense for “Current version” to be labeled “Installed version”. How do I make this suggestion?

Screenshot: definitions:

current: new; present; most recent:
latest: most recent; current

It seems to me “Installed version” is a much better way to label it.

The best way is on discord. HA has a discord server here. There is a specific beta channel for sharing this feedback.

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from: Database Optimizations in 2022.4

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Got it, thanks.