How do I restart the z-wave network?

I’m trying to get set up using Home Assistant core. I’ve had quite a few issues with trying to stand up my z-wave network using OpenZWave (beta).

Right now I’m trying to add a node (long story preceeding this, but I’ll spare the tale), I’ve tried both through ozw-admin (windows client), and through the HA integration page, and neither work. I see in the ozw logs that the request to enter inclusion mode is timing out. This is really weird, so I want to restart my z-wave network (again, sigh). So I go looking for how to do that, and can’t find it in either place? Did I miss something?

Can you share more details on what you’re trying to do by restarting?
OpenZWave (beta) and Home Assistant core are separate processes. And of course an MQTT broker is another process working between them.
Are you running ozwdaemon in docker?
If you mean you want to restart OpenZWave independently from HA, you need to go to your running container in Docker and use docker restart command (this assuming you can access docker from a command line).
If your Z-Wave node is a security device you need to go to Developer Tools or use the OpenZWave admin UI (which prompts you for secure: true).

I am trying to do what “stop network” and “start network” buttons did in HA 0.84, which I ran until now.

Running docker commands to do this seems like a pretty significant regression.

“use the OpenZWave admin UI (which prompts you for secure: true)”

Can you say more about where this option is in the OZWAdmin interface? I do not see it anywhere. I see “Close” (which seems to just close the connection to the ozwdaemon), “Add Node”, “Delete Node”, and “Heal Network”. The menus do not seem to contain much of anything.

Agree it’s a user interface regression.
I do support HA’s effort to ultimately move to OZW. But there’s that friend of ours called 2020 :slight_smile: I’m hanging in there with this effort because I’ve already seen multiple benefits with core Z-Wave functionality using OZW.
HA OZW addon communicates with ozwdaemon via its MQTT interface. Right now that isn’t part of the addon UI. It will come in time.
I’ve made good progress using OZW (it’s been running well since May-ish for me) using a combo of the OpenZWave admin UI and Developer Tools / Services / ozw.* in HA. For example: I’ve been able to include multiple security devices including locks.
I successfully did a Heal Network from the OpenZWave Win app. Since then I’m running without issues (about 2 weeks).

You should be able to go to the supervisor->add-on tab and stop/start the ozw add-on, which restarts the ozw container.

I don’t have a Supervisor because I’m running Home Assistant Core. (I think? Frankly, this whole situation has gotten quite confusing and convoluted, IMO.)

(this seemed necessary for me because there was additional client software I need to use on my HA instance, which uses pip as an installation method, and the Home Assistant OS didn’t seem to have pip installed, nor the apt tools to get it. So I gave up on Home Assistant OS, which seems quite limiting, and went with an Ubuntu Server VM instead, since it has more tools available to manage other software.)

This is probably irrelevant now, since you’ve moved away from using HA OS, but for possible future reference, you can restart the ZWave network if you’ve added the OpenZWave beta from the Add-on Store. You access it via the Supervisor page, not via the Configuration > Integrations page.

pp[s, sorry for the assumption.

But if you are running HA Core (in Docker?) and/or running OZW (in Docker?) then you really should consider installing Portainer.

It’s a really useful Docker UI and makes many Docker functions one or two click processes.

then it will be easy to restart the OZW container (if that’s how you installed it?) thru the Portainer interface.

And if you aren’t running most things in Docker then why not? :wink: