How do I set up a new HA installation independent from my existing setup?

Newbie to the forum so Hi everyone.

I have an existing HA setup running on Pi4 that I am very happy with :smile: . I now want to create a new HA installation on another PI4. My plan is to set things up with a few Zigbee sensors the move the new installation to a different location. I’d like to be able to set everything up at home and test the new installation before moving it. How can I keep my 2 setups completely separate from one another while they are both running in the same place. I can see I would need separate IPs and MQTT brokers but what else do I need to consider. How do I avoid auto-discovery cross-contaminating the systems? All help/ideas appreciated

yes. and the new one would still be available at “the_new_IP:8123”.

Not necessarily.

Why do you think that? Just use the same broker.

Unless you are planning ahead and are getting ready to move to the new location that won’t have access to the existing broker?

you can control which auto-discovered integrations get added because it asks you first if you want to set them up.

If you don’t want the new/old HA to integrate something new then just ignore it in the one you don’t want it in.

For stuff like zigbee it won’t discover that stuff anyway (unless you use zigbee2mqtt, if so then see above) so it won’t be an issue.

I actually have three different HA installs running right now doing testing on things (and on the same host machine). It’s not difficult at all to keep them isolated.