How do I set up daily On/Off schedule for Kasa Smart Plugs?

Hello all! I have two Kasa Smart Plugs that work great for off and on with Home Assistant

But I can’t figure out how to make them turn off and on daily on a schedule

I am a novice user and I am disappointed to see there’s no obvious visible clickable Scheduling area which I figured would be somewhere obvious by default.

Why is it so hidden?

Thank you!

go to settings - automations - create new - add trigger

Then choose a time for a trigger…

down in actions you can choose to turn them on or off at that event.

the small minority of events are based on fixed times. most are based on non-time based events.

I think I literally have only one that is time based. Over a hundred others that are event based…

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Thank you for your reply… I hope I did it right!

I’m hoping this simply turns the light on at 7PM :crossed_fingers:

If it works I will be making a donation to HA, have a nice day!

that looks pretty good. have fun learning this home assistant world! :slight_smile: