How do I start etcher in Ubantu 22.04

Tried to install HA on an old laptop. I chose ‘generic x86-64’. Set the BIOS, and install Ubuntu on a USB drive. Booted the laptop into Ubuntu from the USB drive. Now at the step ‘Write the image to your boot media’. step 2 says 'download and start Balena Etcher. I did the download which is a zip file. I unzipped the file which created an ‘AppImage’ file. I am not a linux user. How do I ‘start the Balena Etcher’? TIA.

Are you running Ubuntu Desktop or Server?

For the desktop:

I don’t recommend Ubuntu Server for most uses, the desktop doesn’t take much more resources to run and everything is just easier to do. Server is OK if you are well versed in using the Linux in a terminal and don’t plan to run anything from a terminal console (or SSH).

You don‘t use Etcher on Linux but „dd“ from the command line.

FYI, Here is another thread on this topic:

So, you managed to bring the Ubuntu image to an USB stick and start a Laptop from it, but fail to bring the HA (OS?) image to a USB stick and boot that Laptop from it?