How do I start troubleshooting connectivity issues

Hello guys,

I am a little frustrated because I know my issue is likely related to bad configuration. So I have a Multi-Purpose Sensor from Samsung. That keeps coming up as unavailable every now and then. Which is providing intermittent data.Before I move to create automation with it, I need to sort out the connectivity issues.
Manufacturer: Samjin | Model: Multi

I am experiencing similar behavior with Sengled lights purchased 2 days ago. I am trying to determine if maybe It just will not work out and I need to pony up for expensive lights from Hue.
Manufacturer: Sengled | Model: E11-G13

Maybe the problem is not the hardware? I would love to know how to tackle this problem, instead of just doing trial and error and creating unnecessary expenses.

Home Assistant is currently a guest OS in ESXI 7.0 on a Dell R720.
HassOS 3.13
System Health

arch x86_64
dev false
docker true
hassio true
os_name Linux
os_version 4.19.115
python_version 3.7.7

USB controller is one of those with Z-Wave and Zigbee

2-minute demonstration of what I am referring to:!ArUueRDuJfEnkP0W89xRMvZDPpMaoQ

Fist thing to try: put your HUSBZB1 on an USB extention cable.

Sounds good, will try this, not sure where I would move it to but maybe getting it away from multiple servers, switches, and wireless AP will help.

Any other suggestions? Wondering why my other lights are not experiencing the same issue. They are all Hue Lights. Is the signal for Sengled that much more inferior? Is it the Hue hub doing all the magic? They are both in the same location, server closet.

If I understand correctly, you’re device is using Zigbee. Since the Zigbee frequencies partially overlap with those of 2.4GHz Wifi, I would use Netspot to build a map of your home. Maybe there’s just too much radio noise for some devices to work properly. :man_shrugging: I think the free version of NetSpot is already capable of measuring the the noise.

I’ve done nothing and the issue seemed to have resolved on itself. Outside temperature has decreased however the server room has been on a consistent temperature thanks to some fans pushing hot air out. Will get the USB extension and move my stick to an area that is much cooler and more in center, just in case.