How do I track changing prices of something?

I need some advice here from other 3rd party integration experts.

I have an integration which tracks the price of electricity. There is a sensor which reads the current spot price of the electricity so that you can take action, e.g. turn on the washing machine when it is low price.

The sensor has a device class of monetary, because it is represents a monetary amount. And it has a state class of measurement because it is measuring a momentary value rather than accumulating. But this gives a warning that you can’t measure things if they have monetary amounts.

So what should I do instead? Any advice welcome


Create a template sensor based on your monetary one and change the device class? I’m guessing that if you’re using the sensor output as a trigger to start the washing machine, you just need a number to trip the numeric state.

Thanks for the suggestion - very helpful. I’m trying to do completely the right thing in my integration though, and adding a template sensor seems like a workaround rather than the solution I want to publish. It feels like there should be a right combination of settings for this, but I am not sure what they are.